Drum Liner

Bycom drum liner keeps your drums in ready to use condition at all times. It is popular over a broad range of industrial and manufacturing applications, either for dry or wet commodities. Bycom drum liner can be custom made to suit your required packing capacity. The drum liners come with capacity range from 150 to 200 liters. It suits all kinds of drums and pails, such as those made of paper, fibre, metal, plastic and even the fully sealed drum.

Unlike other drum liners, Bycom drum liner is built with special 2″ spout with screw cap to guard your products against leakages and contaiminations. Drum liners made from special material such as oxygen barrier film is also available.

Benefits of Bycom drum liner:

1. Extend the lifespan of drums and pails.
2. Enviromentally friendly as it reduces drum disposal.
3. Fits all kinds of drums even the fully sealed drum.
4. Built with special filling/discharge fitments to guard against leakages and contaminations.
5. Cost effective. Eliminates the cost of cleaning the drums.
6. Food grade and oxygen barrier films available.