IBC Liner (General)

Bycom IBC liner comes together with PP woven fabric to provide extra strength and protective external layer to protect the liner against external impact. With special folding method, Bycom IBC liner has eliminated the need of special equipment during loading and it prevents leaking during shipping and storage. Bycom IBC liner is typically constructed with two layers of LLDPE liners and contains co-ex nylon sheet for aseptic and oxygen-barrier applications. The standard dimension is 140 x 102 x 102cm (H). The loading capacity is up to 2,000 litres depending on the bag design. Various sizes are also available as it can be tailor made to suit customers’ requirements.


  • High speed and easy fitting.
  • Various sizes available.
  • Made with Halal, Kosher and FDA approved mateirals.
  • Build with easy discharge spout.
  • Eliminates the need of special equipment during loading.